Big Lakes County has various pieces of equipment available for rent to assist ratepayers in their farming operations. The goal of this program is to provide reasonably priced options for hard to source or cost prohibitive equipment. Through Council Motion the Rental Program will no longer have any funding for equipment, and will suspend the rental equipment Program in three years time, effective December 31, 2024.


Please note: renters must give the county at least 24 hour notice in order to ensure that the equipment is properly sanitized. If the equipment is not properly cleaned before returning to the county, a $75.00 cleaning fee will be applied.


The fleet is detailed below.

Rates $$
Per Day
Rates $$
Rates $$
Cattle SqueezePalpitation cage; 1/2 ton truck required; 2” ball hitch1003555
Cattle Chute1/2 ton truck required; 2” ball hitch1002540
Post Hole AugerHydraulic; front loader mount; 6", 9" or 12" bits200140235
Post PounderHeavy Hitter; 14 hp engine; self-contained hydraulic system; 1/2 ton truck required; pin, extendable hitch200155250
Wire Spooler1/2 mile spool capacity; 4 hp engine; self contained hydraulic system; 2" ball hitch1003050
Tree Spade9 hp engine; hydraulic driven; 3/4 ton or tractor required; pin hitch; 2" receive30075120
Tree FoggerMotorized backpack; 2 stroke; 14L tank; 38' spray range1001525
Land Roller3/4 ton truck required; pin hitch range1205585
Seeder/ Bran ApplicatorFor grasshopper control or seeding; truck box transport; Honda engine1003050
Quad Seeder25 kg capacity plastic tub; 12volt; mounts to rear quad rack1003050
Trailer Sprayer #1200 U.S. gal. tank (757 L); boom nozzles; 18’ spray per nozzle; 187 model nozzle; handgun; 2" ball hitch1205080
Ground Drive Sprayer (Wylie LCS-800)800 U.S. gallon poly tank; 45’ spray pattern; boom buster nozzles; option of hydraulic or …engaged drive wheel; piston pump; heavy duty 6” frame, single axle; hi-flotation tires50100160
Scare CannonsMotorized backpack; 2 stroke; 14L tank; 38' spray range401015
Skunk TrapTruck Box transport recommended501015
Forage ProbeCanister collecting; 20V drill required1001015

Kinuso Rentals

Big Lakes County also has a small fleet available for rent in the Hamlet of Kinuso, including: a post pounder, cattle squeeze, loading chute, and 14’ land roller.


To arrange please call 780-523-5955. Online payment options are available to pay your rental fee and deposit. 

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