Annually the Council for the Big Lakes County seeks interest from individuals to be part of various boards and committees to serve our public. Council seeks individuals with interest and expertise in the following areas:

Intermunicipal Subdivision and Development Appeal Board                           1 member at-large (two (2) year term)

The Intermunicipal Subdivision and Development Appeal Board consists of a total of 12 members from Big Lakes County, and the Towns of High Prairie, Swan Hills and Slave Lake.  Each member municipality appoints three (3) members at large.  Members of the ISDAB meet in panels of at least three (3) members.

The Appeal Board hears and renders decisions on subdivision and development permit appeals.  Appeals which are impacted by provincial policy go directly to the Alberta Municipal Government Board.  Please note that Appeal Board members cannot be members of the Municipal Planning Commission. 

Time Commitment:                There is a mandatory training session required prior to taking part in an appeal hearing. Hearings are held as required.  To date these appeals have been infrequent.

Assessment Review Board                                                                       1 member at-large

As a Board or Committee representative, members will assist in municipal operations through research and decision-making on current issues. The Assessment Review Board hears and deals with complaints about property assessment that has been received by Big Lakes County. This Board consists of a pool of trained candidates, which convenes an annual panel of no more than three (3) members, of which no more than one may be an elected official. 

Time commitment: Mandatory multi-day training session required as prescribed by the Government of Alberta, prior to participating in a Board hearing.  Meetings are infrequent.

Big Lakes County Library Board                                            1 member at-large

The Big Lakes County Library Board is a seven-member board consisting of two (2) Councillors, one (1) staff and four (4) at-large. The Board functions as a separate corporation under the Libraries Act and delivers library services by contributing to Kinuso Municipal Library.

Time Commitment:                Approximately four times per year on an ad hoc basis with late afternoon meetings. Please be advised the appointments will be made as follows:

  • 1 member – 1-year term
  • 1 member – 2-year term
  • 2 members – 3-year term

Applications can be found on our website or at the administration office in High Prairie or Kinuso.

Please forward applications to:

Janelle Olansky

Big Lakes County

P.O. Box 239

High Prairie, Alberta T0G 1E0

Fax:  780-523-4227

Email:  [email protected]

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