In 2018, Big Lakes County began offering a Shelterbelt Program to our ratepayers.  Since that time, ratepayers have planted thousands of seedlings. Shelterbelts help block wind from yards and prevent snow drifts in the winter, offer privacy screens, and can provide aesthetic and wildlife value.  The Agricultural Service Board is proud to have brought this program to Big Lakes County residents and hopes the program continues for many years.

This year we are looking to expand plant species offered with an emphasis on diversifying shelterbelts to add additional wind break benefits, to add greater biodiversity, to add wildlife and pollinator value, to provide species that can be adapted to a wider array of site conditions (inclusive of wet areas), and to offer edible species for your enjoyment.

Please click the following link for an online order form with species factsheets incorporated: Big Lakes County 2023 Shelterbelt Order Form

If you prefer to download information sheets and order forms and submit via email or at the County front desk, please see the documents below. 

Order form

2023 Shelterbelt Species Quick Facts 

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