Big Lakes County

FireSmart Wildfire Threat Assessment

What is the Fire Smart Grant for?

Big Lakes County Fire Service has been awarded a grant to conduct a wildfire threat assessment and a create a structure protection plan for Hilliards Bay Estates, Hillards Bay Provincial Park, Shaw Point Resort (and the associations in proximity), and Winagami Provincial Park.

  • A wildfire threat assessment looks at the big picture like the types of forest fuel types in the broader surrounding area, and assess the risk or potential of a wildfire impinging on the community.
  • The structure protection plan is site-based assessment of how best to protect your home and outbuildings from a wildfire.

How does the Fire Smart Grant impact me?

  • Wildfire threat assessment is mostly a paper exercise looking at maps and using field guides to assess the risk and the fire behavior potential of the forest.
  • The structure protection plan development requires an on site assessment of every property. The assessment entails a person walking through or around every property. The person is assessing the number of sprinklers required, placement of sprinklers, pump locations and hose requirements.
    • The assessor will not be entering any building or disturbing anything on the properties.

What areas are being evaluated?

  • Hilliards Bay Estates
  • Hilliards Bay Provincial Park
  • Shaws Point Resort
    • The Associations in proximity
  • Winagami Provincial Park
    • Cabins within the Park

Field Work Begins

  • May 14th to May 20th

Questions or concerns?

Jason Cottingham – Fire Chief

780 523 8778