On February 1, 2019, Big Lakes County Fire Services held the inaugural Awards Banquet for its service members.  The event was held as a private function at the Faust Community Hall where attendees enjoyed a BBQ steak dinner and socializing before dignitary speeches and presentations began.  Special guests included the Hon. Danielle Larivee MLA for Lesser Slave Lake, Reeve Richard Simard, Deputy Reeve Ken Mathews, Councilor Fern Welch, and Pat Olansky Director of Planning and Development who attended on behalf of CAO Jordan Panasiuk.

Highlights of the event included the MLA and Reeve awarding Assistant Chief Fred Caudron of the Enilda Fire District with the Fire Exemplary Services Medal, the Alberta Emergency Services Medal, and 22 Year Bar.  As well as, Deputy Chief Donald Bissell accepting the Alberta Emergency Services Medal 22, 32, and 40 Year Bars.  In total, 13 medals were presented to recipients in attendance.  Big Lakes County Fire Services also awarded 22 service bars to firefighters for their 5 years of service to 40 year of service.

The evening concluded with a final presentation by Fire Chief John McDermott who presented Deputy Chief Robert Nygaard, Deputy Chief Everett Samuelson, Assistant Chief Mykola Wedmid (not in attendance), and Captain Kieran Moore with the Fire Chief’s Coin in recognition of each of them taking on additional responsibilities over the course of Chief McDermott’s recovery from a broken ankle in November of 2018.

Congratulations to this year’s recipients!

2019 Award Recipients

Fire Services Exemplary Services Medal (FSESM)

  • Firefighter Russell Cardinal, Jr., FSESM and 30-Year Service Bar
  • Assistant Chief Frederick Caudron, FSESM
  • Firefighter Darren Riddle, FSESM


Alberta Emergency Services Medal (AESM)

  • Deputy Chief Donald Bissell, AESM, Service Bar 22, 32 and 40 Year
  • Deputy Chief Robert Nygaard, AESM
  • Deputy Chief Herman Sutherland, Sr., AESM
  • Deputy Chief Everett Samuelson, AESM
  • Assistant Chief Frederick Caudron, AESM, Service Bar 22 Year
  • Assistant Chief Walter Garrick, AESM
  • Assistant Chief Mykola Wedmid, AESM
  • Safety Officer Ken Ferguson, AESM, Service Bar 22, 32 Year
  • Captain Claude Smith, AESM
  • Captain Anthony Churchill, AESM
  • Captain George Baker, AESM
  • Firefighter Russell Cardinal, Jr., AESM, Service Bar 22 Year
  • Firefighter Darron Riddle, Service Bar 22 Year
  • Firefighter Bobby Auger, AESM
  • Firefighter Kevin Auger, AESM
  • Firefighter Norma Auger, AESM
  • Firefighter Brian Bissell, AESM
  • Firefighter Dawn Garrick, AESM
  • Firefighter Darcy Hunt, AESM
  • Firefighter Ernie Samuelson, AESM
  • Firefighter Arthur Smith, AESM
  • Firefighter John Stokes, AESM
  • Firefighter Jim Zinyk, AESM

Years of Service Awards

5 Years of Service

  • Firefighter Hunter Wedmid
  • Firefighter Ronnie Hunt
  • Firefighter Avery Getz
  • Firefighter Angela Paul
  • Firefighter Brian Simpson
  • Firefighter Tiffany Smith
  • Firefighter Joe Wolff
  • Firefighter Mike Zatorski

10 Years of Service

  • Assistant Chief Walter Garrick
  • Captain Darcy Halcrow
  • Captain Anthony Churchill
  • Captain Ken MacEachern
  • Captain Dustin Seghers
  • Captain Claude Smith
  • Firefighter Arthur Smith
  • Firefighter Dawn Garrick
  • Firefighter Darcy Hunt
  • Firefighter Ian Churchill
  • Firefighter John Stokes
  • Firefighter Dawn Garrick
  • Firefighter Travis Cloutier
  • Firefighter Ernie Samuelson
  • Auxiliary Firefighter Glen Quick

15 Years of Service

  • Deputy Chief Robert Nygaard
  • Assistant Chief Herman Sutherland, Jr.
  • Assistant Chief Mykola Wedmid
  • Captain Kieran Moore
  • Captain George Baker
  • Firefighter Ray Sheldon
  • Firefighter Bobby Auger
  • Firefighter Norma Auger


20 Years of Service

  • Deputy Chief Everett Samuelson
  • Firefighter Kevin Auger


25 Years of Service

  • Assistant Chief Fredrick Caudron
  • Firefighter Jim Zinyk
  • Firefighter Darron Riddle


30 Years of Service

  • Firefighter Russell Cardinal, Jr.


35 Years of Service

  • Deputy Chief Herman Sutherland, Sr.


40 Years of Service

  • Deputy Chief Donald Bissell


Fire Chief’s Coin Recipients

  • Deputy Chief Robert Nygaard
  • Deputy Chief Everett Samuelson
  • Assistant Chief Mykola Wedmid
  • Captain Kieran Moore