Permit #DevelopmentLegal Land Description
24-D0017Home Occupation – Major
(Discretionary Use)
NW 14-77-14-W5 (Salt Prairie Area)
(Permitted Use w/ Variance)
Lot 25, Block 1, Plan 952 1277
(Hamlet of Joussard)
24-D0019Home Occupation – Major
(Discretionary Use)
NW 10-74-17-W5
(West of High Prairie)
24-D0021Deck and Shed
(Permitted Use w/ Variance)
Bock G, Plan 2341ET
(Hamlet of Joussard)

Any persons affected by this decision may appeal to the Secretary, Intermunicipal Subdivision and Development Appeal Board, Box 239, High Prairie, Alberta.  Such an appeal shall be in writing stating grounds for the appeal and delivered personally or by registered mail on or before June 12, 2024 with a copy to the Development Officer, Box 239, High Prairie, Alberta.  An application fee of $250.00 per appeal shall apply.

Pursuant to S. 685(3) of the Municipal Government Act, no appeal lies in respect of a development permit for a permitted use unless the provisions of the land use bylaw were relaxed, varied, or misinterpreted.

Pat Olansky

Executive Director of Community Services & Planning

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