Compass Assessment Consultants Inc. will be travelling door-to-door in selected areas within the County boundaries starting on Monday, December 12, 2022, through to Friday, December 16, 2022, to conduct property re-inspections. The areas as planned will be residences that have applied for permits and any residence with known changes.

The Municipal Government Act (s.294) grants the authority for an assessor to enter on and inspect a property. Big Lakes County notifies ratepayers that inspections will be occurring within a specific area of the County, during a specified timeframe. Property owners are also notified that an assessor may visit their property when they apply for a development permit. Inspections will occur annually in areas of the County designated for re-inspection, where permits have been approved and where know changes have occurred.

MGA s. 294(1)    After giving reasonable notice to the owner or occupier of any property, an assessor may at any reasonable time, for the purpose of carrying out the duties and responsibilities of the assessor under Parts 9 to 12 and the regulations,

(a) enter on and inspect the property,

(b) request anything to be produced, and

(c) make copies of anything necessary to the inspection.

Property re-inspection is a standard policy put in place by the Provincial Government that requires all Alberta Municipalities perform ongoing re-inspections and complete overall inspections of all properties in a five-year term.

County assessors will be wearing photo identification badges. If residents are not home, assessors will leave a door hangar with information to contact the Assessment department at 1-800-251-9711. If you have any questions, please contact Lucy at Big Lakes County at 780-523-5955.

All information collected during the re-inspection is subjected to the Freedom of Information and Privacy of Protection Act.

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