Big Lakes County is exploring the opportunity to offer inspection service to certify weed free forage. The County would be joining 18 other counties/municipalities offering this service in the province of Alberta.

The Alberta Invasive Species Council provides the certification in accordance with The North American Invasive Species Management Association (NAISMA) Certified Weed Free Products Program standards.

“Contaminated hay is one method in which invasive plants are spread across the province, between provinces and around the world. To address this, the North American Invasive Species Management Association has set industry guidelines and maintains minimum standards for certified weed-free products, which are recognized across North America. 

The AISC is thrilled to have received funding from the Canadian Agriculture Partnership to help promote and revitalize this important program. It is our intention to work with producers, municipalities, and the province to facilitate, promote and revitalize the Alberta Certified Weed Free Forage program resulting in more weed-free forage on the market in Alberta.

If you are a producer interested in having your forage certified weed-free, your field doesn’t have to be completely weed-free! Weed Free Forage Inspectors have the authority to certify portions of fields or even fields with weeds present, provided that no invasive plant propagules will enter the baled forage. Inspections must be conducted within ten days maximum prior to cutting, if the crop is not cut within that timeline, a new inspection must be conducted to certify the forage as weed-free.”

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