Transitioning Small Container Collection from Municipal to Retail Sites

Between 2022 and 2024, the <23L container collection program will undergo a gradual change that will align it with other provinces, enabling farmers to bring back these containers to their local retail outlets.

The change is being phased in gradually to reduce the burden on retail and municipal services, and to increase convenience for farmers who can now bring the containers back to the retail outlets that they frequent.

For Big Lakes County, this change will occur this autumn so please start saving up your empty jugs to bring to your retailer on your next purchase. 

Large plastic bags for empties are available from retailers and from the County at the High Prairie Admin office, at the Municipal Landfill, and at the Banana Belt Transfer Station. Triple rinse and pull paper labels and plastic caps before bagging… except for seed treatment containers, keep the lids on those and put in a separate bag! 

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