Big Lakes County

AAAF School Bursary

The Agricultural Fieldmen of Big Lakes County are looking for students in an agricultural or environmental science program.

The Association of Alberta Agricultural Fieldmen (AAAF), as an ongoing tribute to active or retired AAAF members who pass away, and in the spirit of continuing education valued by our Association, created the AAAF Memorial Bursary.

The AAAF Memorial Bursary is intended for Alberta students continuing their education at a College or University. Students must be enrolled in an agricultural or environmental science program.

There is a $1000 bursary available in each calendar year for each of the 5 provincial regions of the Association of Alberta Agricultural Fieldmen.

Please ensure that you are eligible to apply for this bursary. The eligibility requirements are listed below. You must be:

  1. An Alberta resident;
  2. Accepted or currently attending a post-secondary institution in Alberta;
  3. Accepted or currently enrolled in an agricultural or environmental sciences related program;
  4. Have not already been awarded this bursary in another region within Alberta.

Although the following are not requirements, they will be considered priorities:

  1. Students that have not received this bursary before;
  2. Students entering their first year of post-secondary;
  3. Students that have worked for a rural municipality in the past. If so, please provide the following details below:
  1. Employed by County: __________________________________ for ______ years
  2. Ag. Fieldman ________________________________________
  3. Direct Supervisor (if not the Ag. Fieldman): _____________________________________

The AAAF shall award bursaries on a regional basis upon the consensus of the Agricultural Fieldmen in each region, based on scholastic standing, social and community activities, and program of study. Their decision is final. The AAAF application with all supporting documentation is due to your local Fieldman by Thursday, September 1st 2022. Please drop your application at the Big Lakes County Office located at Box 239, 5305-56 Street High Prairie, AB T0G 1E0 or email your application to:

For further information, please refer to: