Big Lakes County

Property Inspections in Big Lakes County

Compass Assessment Consultants Inc. will be conducting property inspections in selected areas within the County from Monday, July 11, 2022, through to Friday July 15, 2022. The areas set to be re-inspected this July are as seen below:

The Hamlet of Faust, and the SW area between Snipe Lake Road and Highway 749.

Property re-inspections are a standard policy put in place by the Provincial Government that requires all Alberta Municipalities to perform ongoing re-inspections and complete overall inspections of all properties in a five-year term. Re-inspections are maintenance inspections that ensure the information on file is up to date and the assessments are accurate. By doing these inspections we ensure precision and equity in how properties are treated.

County assessors will be wearing photo identification badges. If residents are not home, assessors will leave a door hangar with information to contact the Assessment department at 1-800-251-9711. If you have any questions, please contact our Tax and Assessment Clerk at Big Lakes County at 780-523-5955.

All information collected during the re-inspection is subject to the Freedom of Information and Privacy of Protection Act.