Big Lakes County has been granted $148,700 from the Alberta Government’s Watershed Resiliency and Restoration Program. This funding has allowed the County to partner with Alternative Land Use Services (ALUS) Canada, which aims to assist area producers with the implementation of projects that provide ecosystem services like off-site watering, riparian buffers, and fencing off creeks and wetland areas.

Big Lakes County is pleased to partner with ALUS Canada to deliver this program to the producers in our community,” said Reeve Richard Simard. “We believe that a community-developed, farmer-delivered ALUS program will enable Big Lakes County to invest in farmers and ranchers who are producing acres of clean air, clean water, wildlife habitat, and other ecosystem services.”

Through the ALUS program, Big Lakes County hired ALUS Coordinator, Kendra Kozdroski in February 2020. My hope for this program in Big Lakes County is to help educate and guide residents to see the value in their land. This program provides numerous ecosystem services for a community, such as clean water, erosion control, and flood mitigation, which I view as extremely important for the County. I cannot wait to start working with producers to put their dreams into action,” said Ms. Kozdroski.

If you have a farming operation idea, please contact Big Lakes County ALUS Coordinator Kendra Kozdroski at [email protected] or call 780-523-5955. Once a project has been developed, it will be presented to the Partnership Advisory Committee for approval and included in the ALUS Pilot Project.

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ALUS Canada

Victoria Zahacy, Communications Coordinator
[email protected]
(780) 523 5955

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